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Written by Nii Ogbamey Tetteh on Saturday, 09 February 2013 09:28   

Equally controversial member of the famous Foes Of Kwame Nkrumah (FOKN) music group, M3nsa, has pleaded with all gays around the world not to rape his musical twin Wanlov the Kubolor.
“Please don’t rape my friend,” M3nsa pleaded in their new ‘Strong Homosexual Guys’ track.

The single, which was released strategically following Wanlov’s ‘If god made man in his own image then god sef get gay ways’ update on social platforms Facebook and Twitter, has had over 2000 downloads online within 48 hours.

“If God created us in His own image then he clearly must have gay tendencies as well,” Wanlov explained on eTV’s ‘Talk Showbiz’ show.
According to the ‘Beatrice’ hit maker, since he used that update on the social platforms, he has been branded a sympathizer of Gay marriages which is false.
“I don’t endorse Gay marriages at all because I don’t support marriage in general.

I don’t believe in marrying anyone, just find a woman and have kids with her and move on,” Wanlov noted. The ‘Koti duro’ hit maker explained that when people are throwing rubbish everywhere and others are getting sick, he does not see the sense in discussing what people do in the privacy of their rooms. “Me if some man comes to tell me that he loves me, I will tell him I don’t love him. What these gay people do in their room is none of my business,” Wanlov said.

He stated emphatically that he is straight, that is the main reason why his musical twin M3nsa is begging the ‘Strong Homosexual Guys’ on his behalf not to rape him.
“Please oo, I am not gay, I like girls,” confirmed Wanlov, who does not wear shoes.

It would be recalled that earlier this year Wanlov’s kid sister Deborah Vanessa, who is a model, Television presenter, fashion designer and singer, was also linked with a lesbian relationship, but she quickly came out to debunk the allegations saying, “Hell no, I’m not a lesbian, I’m not even a bisexual, I’m straight and I love men”.


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